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Polishing and Antique Restoration

Restoration Services

Whether recreating pieces or furniture lost to time or repairing small parts of surviving architectural joinery, Deacon & Sandys are leaders in the field of joinery and antique woodwork restoration with specialist expertise in 16th and 17th century work. 

Furniture Restoration Services 

We have helped return a range of Natural Trust and English Heritage properties to former glories over the years. Our furniture restoration services offer perfect replication of original hand crafted techniques and beautifully finished pieces. 

Antiquing and distressing are skills we have also developed to a high standard so antique restorations can be left clean or they can be aged through antiquing, distressing and hand colouring so that they perfectly match other woodwork from the period. 

These furniture restoration skills can also be useful in recreating traditional designs to create a style and feel in private homes or public spaces so they look and feel authentic. 

Wood Floor Restoration Services 

As well as antique furniture restoration, we also offer fitting and wood floor restoration services. If you are looking to change the colour of your floors, beams or to refresh dull and faded panelling our polishers can help restore these to their former glories. We can even re-stain and finish your exterior doors and frames, or offer expert advice on wood floor restoration in your period property. 

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