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Internal Oak Doors and Radiator Covers

With 4 or 5 narrower boards, 3 ledges and without clenched over nails, these doors can be bought in standard sizes giving a cost saving over our bespoke traditional 3 wide board 4 ledge hand made boarded doors. After fitting these doors we added some decorative nails and lightly distressed them before polishing and fitting black beeswax finished ironwork turning these stock item purchases into beautiful cottage doors.

The sliding door was again a stock item, a veneered oak door blank that was on one side covered with thin moulded solid oak boards with decorative nails fitted, the door was then lightly distressed and polished and fitted with a black iron sliding track.

We made the solid oak bi-fold doors and a frame that was fitted between existing old oak stud-work, the doors were then lightly distressed and polished.

This project also involved making some solid oak radiator covers, as you can see some needed quite complicated scribing and were polished to match the doors and fitted with solid brass antiqued grilles.



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